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How it works

  • After committing to the Train the trainers Program, a dedicated 'Facilitators Cadre' will be identified within your unit.

  • These individuals will take the intensive Medic course (including mass casualty, trainers and logistic management supplements) in one of TreeTac's training centers around the world.

  • Once qualified, these individuals will be responsible for training, assessing and validating the skills of their entire team and managing the facilities, simulation and equipment at your place

  • Don't worry! TreeTac team will support you until your facilitators feel ready to manage the operation and beyond - as long as it takes you!


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Our Train the Trainers Plan

Task analysis

Training center

Instruction and training


Training center

Long term partnership

Mapping needs




Intensive Medic course


Study classes

Medical Equipment

Rescue Equipment

Personal Equipment

Field deployment equipment

Open field facility

Closed training facility

Continuing team training

Periodical training

Medical Resources

Logistic Support

Maintenance and liability

Threat analysis

Environmental and animals hazards

infrastructures, electricity and water

Available medical resources

Pathology risk levels

Pathology type

Pathology plan

instruction and training

training facilities and simulation

Logistic support

Matching rescue, medical and tactical equipment

1 month comprehensive medic qualification + additional 3 days for mass casualty event qualification

  • Trainers qualification - 5 days for medic course graduates

  • Medical and logistic management - a 5 day qualification for managing and maintaining the training facilities and equipment

From shoe laces to head lamps, we will have your first responders fully equipped and prepared for any mission

Rescue devices

Under fire rescue

CASEVAC & Hypothermia

Medical kits, IFAK's, Bags and pouches

Medical items, consumables, modules, field medicine devices

Medical instruments, monitors, breathers, electrical devices

Emergency / Medical vehicles

Field clinic deployment - containers, tents

Field mobile decontamination systems

Team equipment

Graduates of the facilitators course will continue to train the entire team at your place in the following medical education programs:

  • First Responders course - a 5 day essentials of Emergency Medical Support 

  • Tactical medicine/Anti terror - a 5 day supplement for tactical scenarios

  • Rescue and Evac - a 5 day supplement for search and rescue missions

Maintaining your facility, equipment and team readiness as long as you need, to button handover and beyond - we've got you covered

Meeting your logistic challenges as long as you need, keeping you supplied with all medical kits, bags, up-to-date supplies of medical items, rescue equipment and consumables

Each graduate will be eligible for an access code to endless medical resources 

Maintaining a long term high level of skills is the key to being prepared, the Hands Free plans include a 5 day training course, once a quarter for the first year

Medical Resources

Get access to endless professional resources, E-learning and  


Stay tuned with the latest innovations, methods and updates in the field

Business services

Support yourself and your team with discounts on medical equipment, rescue and tactical equipment and more. 

Go beyond your plan - TreeTac graduates enjoy a range of services and discounts for work, life and everything between

Take care of your team!

Classes equipped with learning aids, computers and a projector  

Closed facility simulating urban scenarios including threat simulation, environmental simulation, medical event scenarios, pathology simulation, recording, evaluation and learning systems

Open field environment including live training scenarios, threat simulation, environmental hazards, realistic medical event scenarios, pathology simulation, recording, evaluation and learning systems

An online E-learning module is included, providing the first stage towards the First Responders' qualification

Realistic Training Environments

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