TRN - Tactical Rescue Net

The revolutionary "Rescue Stretcher"

Quick evacuation from hostile terrain

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UFRS - Under Fire Rescue Sling

For highly efficient under-fire extraction of casualties

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  • The Grab Harness and XTraction Mode Micro are an innovative and revolutionary victim extrication tools designed to aid a rescuer in removing a victim from almost any threatening environment.

  • Frees the rescuer’s arms during the evacuation, allowing them to easily maneuver around any potential obstacles

  • constructed to remain out of the way when not in use and deploy quickly when needed

  • Light weight: a mere .06 lb (27 grams) overall

  • manufactured with extremely durable black ballistic nylon, stainless steel cobra quick release buckle and carabiners.

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XTraction & Grab Harness

A victim extrication tool designed so a rescuer can easily remove a victim from almost any threatening environment


Product Description


XTraction Mode Micro Tactical Harness

The Xtraction Mode Micro Harness is the stealth version of the original Xtraction Mode Tactical Harness with 50% reduction in weight and size for ease of use and deployment regardless of type of mission you are in; a must have for any operator. The Micro bridges the gap between Care Under Fire (CUF) and Tactical Field Care (TFC). In dynamic threat level situations, the Micro fills the void by enabling individual emergency responders to quickly and effectively extract casualties from a threat environment to a litter or critical care area without the need for additional personnel, equipment or a dedicated litter team. The system integrates into any plate carrier, tactical vest, or ammunition belt via MOLLE webbing and can be incorporated into select tactical backpacks without the need for it to be physically attached. The Micro provides mechanical leverage for the rescuer through webbing wrapped around the victim’s upper body cavity that transfers the victim’s body weight into the rescuer’s core area for hands free extraction. The design allows the wearer to ride comfortably in a vehicle while fully rigged. The Micro provides emergency responders the leverage to evacuate any individual, regardless of their mission or operational equipment loadout: EOD, heavy breacher, wearing CBRN with SCBA, etc.


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The Grab Harness

(patent pending) is a victim extraction tool that is designed to permit a rescuer to more efficiently remove a victim from almost any threatening environment. The harness is fitted around a rescuer’s waist and, when deployed, its straps are secured underneath the victims arms. The victim’s weight is now transferred to the rescuer’s hips, giving the rescuer the ability to transport a victim with far less effort while leaving his or her arms free to assist in the evacuation. the Grab Harness is constructed to remain out of the way when not in use and deploy quickly when needed. Since the majority of the victim’s weight is shifted to the rescuer’s core as opposed to his or her arms or back, rescue work can be completed faster and more victims can be saved with less stress on the rescuer.

Realistic Training Environments

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