Mass Casualty First Response Kit

The complete organized first response treatment kit for Mass Casualty events

  • Organized, labeled compartments provide easy access to medical modules organized for severe hemorrhage control, IV Line, airway tools, circulation and immobilization.

  • the Mass Casualty Kit was developed as a solution to equip first responders with the right medical supplies  for supportive care in the case of Mass causalities event.

  • Light, compact and easy to carry kit.


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Product Description


 The Mass Casualty Bag is a  compact medical kit that provides first responders with systematically organized medical supplies to treat multiple casualties that occur in mass casualty events

A+B (Airway & Breathing)


Outer Pockets:

a. Pocket Mask
b. I-Gel (1-3)
c. OPA/NPA (4-5)

Inner Pockets:

a. Space Blankets (1-4)

b. TCCC Cards (up to 10)
c. Large O
2 Tank
d.  Hyfin Chest Seal Twin Pack (1-3)

C (Circulation / Hem Control)


Outer Pockets:

a. CAT/Sof-T tourniquets (2-4)
b. 4# trauma dressing bandage (4-5)
c. 6# trauma dressing bandage (2-3)

d. Abdominal Bandage (1-2)
e. Compressed gauze (4-6) 
f.  Homeostatic gauze (2-4)

g. Cravats (2-4)

Inner Pockets:

a. Alcohol & Sterile Pads Pouch
b.  IV Line Sets (1-4)
c. Marker

d. IV / Splint fixation (1-3)

e. IV line Kits (1-4)

Additional Pockets


Main Inner Pocket:

a. IV Fluids Kit
b. Pocket BVM


Back (Bottom):

a. Hypothermia Kit

b. Immobilization devices

General Outer Pockets:

a. Shears

b. Gloves


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