Our Mission

Eliminating preventable fatal injuries

Our Story

TreeTac provides advanced emergency medical care solutions across the world. Our client base boasts major academic, civilian and military medical bodies and high-profile VIPs. We always ensure that all individual government requirements are met. 

Employing only the highest caliber and carefully vetted staff, we take great pride in having developed a reputation for being one of the foremost providers of high quality EMS solutions.

Our medical plans are designed to address the special needs of organizations for comprehensive medical solutions tailored to their DNA. Our goal is to augment your existing skills, to provide you with cutting edge lessons learned in the field, and to give you additional confidence and knowledge to save life.  

TreeTac’s medical training is built on the curricula of the CoTCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and the ICCC (Israeli Combat Casualty Care)

Let us know your needs

We use all our expertise to make your needs a reality let us build unique solutions to your next challenge

Our instructors are all qualified by:

  • MDA (Israeli Red Cross Organization)

  • IDF medical academy

  • Ben Gurion University in the Negev

Our Team

All of our courses are taught by Certified Senior paramedics with extensive backgrounds in field treatment. Our men and women are proven professionals from SOF units with extensive field experience over the past 20 years. We don’t just teach it, but we live what we teach. Our project managers, logistic managers and senior paramedics spend the extra time and attention necessary to ensure that the concepts and techniques taught are reinforced and demonstrated by each participant, keeping safety and simplicity as our primary consideration.

We are educators and trainers;  as such we are devoted to the transformation of your group into healers, trained to save lives and to be prepared for the next challenge.

Our clients benefit from our combined experience in field medicine, program management, on-site supervision, and logistic oversight to gain truly working and effective solutions

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Realistic Training Environments

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