Israel has been fending off terror attacks for several decades now

Our Paramedics have gained enormous experience which far outstrips that of any other country in the world in conducting anti-terror emergency medical treatment

Train with the best field paramedics

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Counter-Terrorism Medicine

CBRN Field Medicine Major

Natural Disasters Medicine

Conflict Preparedness

Students will learn the unique aspects of preparedness and response to terrorist events:

  • Introduction to emergency medicine during terrorist attacks

  • Improving response speed

  • TCCC guidelines for terrorism scenarios

  • Scene safety in terrorism events

  • Military lessons learnt for emergency response

  • Mass Casualty Triage in terrorism events

  • Operational rescue in terrorist attacks

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Emergency medical equipment for use during terrorist attacks

  • Informatics and Telemedicine in terrorist attack

Students will learn first medical response aspects of Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear/Radiation Threats:

  • CBRN medical effects and field treatment

  • Identification of presentation of medical effects

  • Scene safety and personal protective equipment

  • Field decontamination - equipment and procedures

  • Principles of Disaster Triage

  • Field hospital operation

Students will learn the operational medical aspects of natural disasters response:

  • Introduction to disaster medicine

  • Medical applications for disaster medicine

  • Scene safety 

  • Mass Casualty and Principles of Disaster Triage

  • Specific disaster scenarios medicine - Earthquake, tsunami, fire, building collapse etc...

  • Field hospital operation

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Emergency medical equipment for disaster operations

Students will learn SOF tactical medicine principles:

  • Working according to the CoTCCC and ICCC (Israeli combat casualty care) recommendations

  • Basic lifesaving treatment qualifications (BLQ)

  • Advanced lifesaving treatment and procedures (ALTP)

  • Medico-Tactic treatment (MTT)

  • How to- Medico-Tactic Supervise a tactical medicine event (MTS)

  • Case studies and experience sharing with our instructors

  • Practicing conflicts in critical scenarios

  • Medico-Tactic Supervise training

  • Right Epicenter progression and command

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