Chest Tube Kit

  • Designed for the emergency chest tube thoracostomy.  

  • This Tactical Medical Module contains all the supplies
    needed for a field insertion, including chest seal for rapid securement and occlusion.

  • Chinook Module – The supplies are internally organized and packaged
    based on the three steps of the procedure: Prep, Insert and Secure


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Product Description

Chinook Vaccum Packed Module:

(1)   Sterile Drape
(2)   Surgical Nitrile Glove, Size 8.5
(1)   ChloraPrep Swabstick, 5.25 mL (3 swabsticks)

(1)   Heimlich Chest Drain Valve
(1)   Soft Chest Tube, 36 Fr
(1)   Rochester-Pean Forceps, CVD, 8
(1)   Scalpel, Sterile, #10

(1)   Hemostat, Kelly Forceps Curved, 5.5”
(1)   Suture Silk FSL 0
(2)   Split Sponge, 4” x 4”, 6-Ply
(1)   SAM Chest Seal, No Valve