Endotracheal Intubation Kit

  • Designed to secure a definitive airway through endotracheal intubation. Includes the basic supplies you will need for a field intubation. Laryngoscope and fixing lanyard NOT INCLUDED!
  • Dimensions / weight (estimate): Length: about 23 cm X Width: about 20.5 cm X Volume: about 5 cm
  • Contents:(4)  Nitrile Glove
    (1)  ET Tube Cuffed, 7.0 mm
    (1)  ET Tube Cuffed, 7.5 mm
    (1)  ET Tube Cuffed, 8.0 mm
    (1)  ET Tube Introducer (Bougie)
    (1)  Stylet Flexi-Slip, 10 Fr
    (1)  CO2 Detector, Adult
    (1)  Syringe, Sterile, 10 mL
    (3)  Lubricant, 3 g



WPCS 2.1.6


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