Medic Compact MiniBag

  • 2 quick access outer pouches and 1 large pouch gives easy accessto life saving treatment equipment.

  • Advanced compact modular design, allowing the
    medic to treat the casualty without interrupting his
    tactical needs

  • There are 3 different ways to carry the Mini bag:        a. Straight – attached to your vest, b. Padded shoulder and sternum straps, c. Back “Crossover” strap.

  • inside M.O.L.L.E strap and outside M.O.L.L.E compatible.


         OD Green       Coyote        Multicam        Black



WPCS 2.1.6

Product Description

The Compact MiniBag from TreeTac is a modular kit allowing the medic to carry all the equipment he needs for operational missions.
The medic can change and add ready fixed kits and additional fixtures for all gear.
The MiniBag ergonomic design gives easy access to life saving treatment equipment, allowing the medic to treat the casualty without interrupting his
tactical needs. The MiniBag has 2 quick access outer pouches and 1 large pouch with a zipper on its side for the main compartment.

Designed quick access outer pouches for immediate life saving equipment:

a. Tactical gloves
b. CAT/Sof T tourniquets (x3)
c. Any kind of 4# trauma
dressing bandage (x3)
d. Any kind of 6# trauma
dressing bandage (x2)
e. Any kind of compressed
gauze (x2)
f. Up to 4 needle
decompression device
g. Vacuumed saline lock kit
h. Surgical Airway kit
i. Large medication kit
(20/10cm otter box © )
j. Any kind of chest seal (X1)

Internal main compartment containing supplementary medical equipment such as:

a. Chest drain kit
b. Any kind of Chest seal
c. Surgical Airway kit
d. Micro BVM (Cyclone)
e. Endotracheal tubes/other
supraglotic airway device
or hydration system

Removable supply pouches fixed ready kits:

a. Large Intubation kitwith
special place for RSI
15/8cm otter box
b. Small IO kit compatible
especially for EZ-IO
c. Large IV line and fluids
kit- designed to hold 500cc
+ saline kit + 2 extra
needles and 1 panel Ready
Heat for an IV warm up
d. Small Universal kit- for
surgical tools/cravats/eye
drops/ surgical tape/
e. 4 removable labels-
Intubation, IO, IV
& fluids, Universal