Compact Respiratory Protection

rapid response during emergencies involving respiratory hazard and toxic air

  • The MASKITO and MINI KIMI masks provide users with short-term respiratory protection during situations involving chemical spills and warfare.

  • Highly compact device, starting 12.5X6X2 cm

  • Light weight:

    • MASKITO - 150 grams only!

    • MINI KIMI - 235 grams

  • Rapid deployment, one size fits all, long hair, bears and glasses

  • Provides user with protection for a minimum 15 minutes to allow sufficient time to evacuate from a contaminated area. 


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Product Description



Provides short-term respiratory protection against toxic gases and particles, including HCl, SO2, NO2, C6H12 and Tear gas (CS). 


Protects its wearer against organic gases with a boiling point higher than 65ºC; several inorganic gases; sulphuric gases and ammonia derivatives. It also protects against these substances in particle form. 

General Information

Defense sector has special requirements when it comes to handling emergency.

While permanent high level respiratory protection equipment tends to be heavy
and difficult to operate, escape masks help special defense forces to perfectly
balance utility and protection. The scenarios faced by the forces range from
smoke and fire, to toxic agents and poisonous atmospheres, and thus

appropriate protectionmust be at hand in a matter of seconds, enabling the

troops and fighters to achievetheir goal in a timely fashion, or regroup in a

conscious manner.


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