TRN (Tactical Rescue Stretcher) - Field training review

This is a test summary of the TRN during a SPEC OPS field 2 days training taken in November 2017. The feedback is presented as is from the users.

Operational need: Light compact rescue device to extract casualty from confined, narrow compounds and other scenarios where a liter can't be applied.

Device spec: Compact rescue device, weight: 300 gram (0.66 pound), carry weight: 250 Kg (550 pound)

Testing view: During 2 days medic training, the TRN was tested in various scenarios: first introduction with the device and use instruction, evacuating and running with a casualty by 2 and 4 users, stairways evacuation by 2 and 4 users, medium evacuation up to 700 meters.

Tested Parameters:

Carry the device: (score - 10) very light, folded size as a cartridge, easily handled in medic equipment

Quality: (score - 8) high quality materials and stitching

Deployment: (score - 8) easy and fast deployment

Evacuating by 2 users: (score - 5) heavy to handle, high stripes pressure on wrist

Evacuating by 4 users: (score - 7) very easy in short evacuation and stairways evacuation, while on medium distance pressure is generating on wrist

Stairways evacuation: (score - 8) very easy and effective

Casualty view: (score - 8) very comfortable


Effective rescue device for short distance, stairways, confined and narrow compounds. Doesn't replace long distance rescue litter

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