Top Closure - Secure Wound Closure

Reversible closure of complex wounds with significant loss of skin and soft tissue

  • Simple, fast way to manage acute trauma wounds, where conventional primary wound treatment must be deferred

  • Easy, fast and simple application for temporary wound closure. Zip to open  for instant wound re- exploration

  • Reduces wound contamination and infection

  • Short learning curve for physicians and medics

  • Compact, lightweight and non-fragile




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Product Description


The TopClosure® 1S-M - Military Kit (and the comparable Rescue & Emergency kits*) is an important, innovative trauma management device that can be applied in combat applications for temporary primary wound closure while complying with basic trauma guidelines. This new device can be used in battalion First-Aid stations and field hospitals by surgeons, non-surgeon physicians and military medics.

While in the past, complex wounds could not be primarily closed and were prone to further contamination and infection, with the TopClosure® 1S-M in hand, following basic cleansing of the wound, an adequate temporary, primary wound edges approximation can be provided. When the victim reaches the hospital, the TopClosure® 1S-M can be easily ‘zipped’ open for re-evaluationand definitetreatmentof the injury

The TopClosure® 1S-M - Military Kit includes two flexible attachment plates with adhesive undersurface and one approximation strap, two patches of transparent adhesive tape, one hemostatic gauze and one liquid adhesive ampoule. The TopClosure® 1S-M - Military Kit is provided in a custom-made, waterproof, durable, gamma sterilized packaging. 

TopClosure® 1S-M - Rescue Kit is provided with similar content as in the emergency kit, without the hemostatic gauze


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