Combat medical simulation facilities

Building your medical training facilities for your team

What we do

TreeTac specializes in constructing medical training facilities at your location. TreeTac's combat medical simulations facilities, with Environmental Control structure, are a fully configurable, dynamic, training venue for indoor and out door use. Simultaneous integration of multiple simulation equipment and devices, create environmentally realistic scenario settings. From point of injury care, to mass-casualty triage, and complex medical/surgical case management, the facilities provide the capability to train appropriate personnel in a safe and reproducible environment

We offer several facility configurations all customized to your specific needs

Main Features

  • Multiple brilliant LED light assemblies to create a variety of lighting conditions. (Colors: amber, red, blue & white).

  • Smoke/fogger.

  • Loudspeaker system that links with audio input controller (allows cadre total control of audio tracks/sound effects, volume, channel selection, etc)

  • Automated targeting sentry

  • Mobile Sensory Control Units

  • Air Blast simulators (AIR-IEDs)

  • Panoramic Cameras

  • Movable walls to create the most flexible tactical rescue variety trainer

Center room walls hinged to create a variety of simulated rooms. Examples:

  • Care Under Fire room

  • Tactical Field Care room

  • TACEVAC room

  • Helo loading/unloading area

  • TRIAGE area

  • Operating room/suite

  • Hospital ward

  • Confined Space/Disaster Rescue

  • Climbing Wall & wet zone climbing

  • H-60 AIE Platform

  • Confine space with tunnels

  • Collapse structure

  • Trauma lanes

Information & Inquiries 

For additional information and inquiries about medical simulation facilities, contact us

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