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We will build your group to master first response skills threw classes, simulation and training

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First Responders course

Anti-Terror/Tactical Medicine

Rescue and Evac Medicine

Medic course

Medical and Logistic managment

Train your team according to your training and work schedules. E-Learning reduces the need for travel time. Students can train anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection - training and working at their own pace. You can be confident that your staff is receiving the same content regardless of their location

The First Responders course is a 5 day course designed for non-medical personnel to become familiar with treating patients using the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) principles. The primary focus  is treatment and management of severe bleeding and airways. 

During the course student will complete the basic skills module and graduate to a level of competence that will allow them not only to start the process of field injury mitigation, but also to bridge the gap between self-aid and buddy-aid. These skills will be transferable for those providing additional basic assistance to the Field Medic as needed.

The Anti-Terror/Tactical Medicine course is a 5 day course designed for the First Responder to gain and reinforce those skills required to operate in a hostile environment. The student will learn the principles of Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC) and the application of its principles in traumatic battlefield scenarios.

The field casualty environment can be stressful and extremely busy with the life of another person in your hands. The course will assist in keeping students up to date with all skills required in field treatment.

The Rescue & Evac Medicine is a 5 day course designed to build your team for medical care in a non-medical setting. The course focuses on search & rescue emergency medicine (SREM), long term medicine (LTM) and the wilderness medicine topics specialties for SREM

The comprehensive 1 month Medic course provides realistic, state of the art training to aid the First Responders in gaining proficiency in treating all areas of trauma and basic medical procedures. According to the principles of TCCC, students will receive this training through classroom instruction, basic skills training and the use of trauma and medical lane training. The functional skills developed will be supported by a final simulated field environment for the familiarization of the potential scenarios that the student can possibly meet. The course includes field training exercises with relevant Scenarios (involving care under fire, tactical Field Care, CASEVAC, and prolonged care).

Mass casualty event qualification - for the graduates of the medic course, a 3 day qualification in the principles of mass casualty medical procedures

Train the Trainers - for the graduates of the Mass casualty event course, a 5 day qualification in basic training skills

A 5 day qualification for managing and maintaining your training facilities and equipment - simulation facility and equipment maintenance, medical bags care, medical items inventory, medical devices maintenance, medical consumables validity and field deployment procedures 

TreeTac’s medical training is built on the curricula of the CoTCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and the ICCC (Israeli Combat Casualty Care)

Our instructors are all qualified by:

  • MDA (Israeli Red Cross Organization)

  • IDF medical academy

  • Ben Gurion University in the Negev

Simulation training

Our program includes realistic tactical training scenarios that pushes the team’s tactics, techniques and procedures to the limit, revealing strengths and weaknesses

From basic medical scenarios to an extensive multi-day Full Mission Profile, we provide different levels of simulations to enhance your training scenarios, from a simple medical scenario to full blown Mass Casualty scenario with CASEVAC. We provide high fidelity manikins, Role Players, Moulage, Instructors and Evaluators

Periodic training

Maintaining a long term high level of skills is the key to being prepared, Our plans include a 2 day training, once a quarter for the first year

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