Save on training time and logistical operation

Watch your savings take off

Introducing a new concept in tactical training, bringing the combat environment to your location, cutting your logistical operation cost, making the most of your training time, serving your exact training needs 

How to serve the greatest number of trainees for the greatest amount of time?



Something has to change...

Currently most of your time and money is spent on logistic operation and transfers, leaving only around 36% of money spent and 45% of time spent for actual training. Something has to change....

Lets make the change together!


Spent on logistics & transfers


Spent on training preparation


Training flexibility

Save more

Relatively low constructing costs

Extremely low annual operation and maintenance costs

Flexible facility, can be modified on site according to scenario and training needs

Portable facility, can be moved to other locations according to operational needs

Industry leading durability

Short delivery time

Facilities can be delivered and set up within an extremely short period of time, ready for your first training, usually within 5 months

Explore more features

Simulation Packed

Introducing a dynamic, expandable, full-mission profile simulation training equipment, taking force-on-force and scenario-based training to new levels of realism

Where to today?

Integral solution

Don't look far, interactive VR and 360° immersive media at your location, select your scenario setting and start training 

We manage the complete lifecycle of the facility throughout its total life




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Realistic Training Environments

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