We manage the complete lifecycle of the facility throughout its total life

Focus on your training

Let us manage the complete lifecycle of the product: not only the engineering and manufacturing but also the maintenance and technical support by our experts team, throughout the total life of the structure. We offer continuous support 24/7.

Keeping your facility
at its best so you’re
prepared for the worst

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More information on warranty & maintenance

With industry leading durability, easy set-up & low maintenance, you probably won't need much, but still we offer you the best of all worlds with a comprehensive flexible warranty, including:

  • Annual refresher training

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Semi-annual on-site technician visit

  • Complete system inspection, validation and function checks

  • Software upgrades (main control box, simulation, VR/AR)

  • Inspection of the facility and basic on-site repairs

  • On-site stock: spare parts and repair materials

Enhance your performance

As an extension of our commitment to enhancing the training environment, we developed a systematic approach to solving problems in a combat tactical environment.

Treetac provides realistic tactical scenario settings led by SOF instructors that will allow you to take full advantage of your facility, while reinforcing tactical techniques. ask us for more information

Short delivery time

Facilities can be delivered and set up within an extremely short period of time, ready for your first training, usually within 5 months

Explore more features

Simulation Packed

Introducing a dynamic, expandable, full-mission profile simulation training equipment, taking force-on-force and scenario-based training to new levels of realism

Where to today?

Save training time

Don't look far, interactive VR and 360° immersive media at your location, select your scenario setting and start training 

Make the most out of your training time and cut logistic operation expenses. 




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Realistic Training Environments

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