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The NAR Simulation video-driven feedback system, coupled with TOMManikin’s physiological trending capture, and student performance scoring, equip trainers with comprehensive trainee performance metrics useful in After Action Reviews and overall program assessment. This comprehensive system enables multi-angle video capture, trainee wearable video, control room evaluator annotations, trending physiologic data and a time stamp record of interventions provided.

TreeTac Team

Our professional instructors will arrive at your facility to deliver the training in the manner, rules and criteria you set. This way, you can practice without worries regarding time management or logistics and focus on your medical skills

Field simulation operators

Our operational team will come to any environment where you would like to train with our special simulation devices to activate them for you so that you focus on what is important, the medical skills only.

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Simulation by North American Rescue

Introducing dynamic, expandable, full-mission profile simulation training equipment, taking force-on-force and scenario-based training to new levels of realism

Integral Solution

We manage the complete lifecycle of the facility throughout its total life


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