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The ITTS video-driven feedback system, coupled with TOMManikin’s physiological trending capture, and student performance scoring, equip trainers with comprehensive trainee performance metrics useful in After Action Reviews and overall program assessment. This comprehensive system enables multi-angle video capture, trainee wearable video, control room evaluator annotations, trending physiologic data and a time stamp record of interventions provided.

Environmental elements

  • Smoke generator

  • Strobe lighting 

  • Normal and low lighting

  • Flame effects

  • Wind effects 

Operator control room

  • structural environmental stress controls (lights, wind, noise), and cameras

  • PA Loudspeaker Unit, microphone control & sound system 

  • ITTS Video Management System (VMS)

  • ITTS control software allows an operator to start a predefined scenario of timed events for each room or to manually control each element, all from the main screen

Video & audio

  • Surround wide-angle cameras - dome cameras rendering live high definition video feed back to the ITTS control system

  • Wearable cameras on trainee

  • A PA system speaker is centrally mounted for facility-wide announcements

  • Multiple powered speakers generate their own background and environment sounds

Advanced remote tablet

  • Facilitates communication with the entire simulation environment

  • Custom student evaluation checklists & scoring platform

  • Control & record of TOMManikin’s physiologic settings, trending values & Interventions provided

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