Fully Configurable, dynamic, training venue at your location

The future of training facilities, arriving now

TreeTac specializes in constructing tactical & medical training facilities with environmental control structures for indoor and outdoor use. Simultaneous integration of multiple simulation equipment including VR & AR experience, creates environmentally realistic scenario settings, from active shooter events to complex medical/surgical case management at your location.



Provide an actual combat experience in a training environment
Provide training sessions that are relevant and effective, both in cost and in educational value

Provide simulation systems that work under actual field conditions: easy set‑up, rapid reset and low maintenance



From small scale simulation labs to large training facilities, we customize the solutions to accommodate your exact training needs


The facility we provide is a self contained unit with integrated sophisticated simulation technology thus creating the most realistic training environment


Fast turnover, short delivery time, easy set up, extended warranty & 24/7 support

Featured facility designs

Interior design

Care Under Fire room
Tactical Field Care room
Helo loading/unloading area
Triage area
Operating room/suite
Hospital ward
Confined Space/Disaster Rescue
Climbing Wall & wet zone climbing
H-60 AIE Platform
Confine space with tunnels
Collapse structure

Offered scenarios:
Urban terrorism
Active shooter events
Dismounted IED attack
Vehicle IED attack
Foot patrol – open area battle
Helicopter crash & rescue
Hostage rescue mission
Drug labs
TCCC trauma lanes,
mass casualty events and more…

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Simulation by North American Rescue

Introducing dynamic, expandable, full-mission profile simulation training equipment, taking force-on-force and scenario-based training to new levels of realism

Integral Solution

We manage the complete lifecycle of the facility throughout its total life


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View every detail of your training with LiveTree video-driven feedback platform

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We will build your team to master field medicine and first response skills through classes, simulation and training

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