TREETAC on wheels, mobile training services 

What is a training environment?

The TreeTac training environment operates as a mobile training system, and enhances the realism of combat medical training in both outdoor and indoor environments. The training environment allows the training organization to operate in a controlled academic environment, while allowing the individual trainee to experience a wide range of scenarios—from  simple levels of training to a complex force-on-force medical simulation training environment

Training scenario support 

Our TREETAC on wheels mobile unit will meet you wherever you need to provide full mission profile tactical training environments for your training 

What we offer

How we do it

What you get

Taking care of the operation end to end!

What we do

Focus on you training and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • A complete tactical simulation environment at your training location

  • With over 70 scenarios per training

  • With up to 250,000 possible wound combinations

  • With rapid transition of patient vitals and treatment feedback

  • With checklists that ensure procedural and skill-based verification

TreeTac specializes in creating realistic medical training environments including manikins, threat and environment condition simulation, casualty monitoring and feedback system

From a basic medical scenario to an extensive multi-day Full Mission Profile. TreeTac can provide different levels of simulations to enhance your training scenarios, from a simple medical scenario to full blown Mass Casualty scenario with CASEVAC:

  • Urban terrorism

  • Active shooter events

  • Military patrol, open area battle & IED attack

  • Natural disaster scenarios


  • TC3 trauma lanes, K9

  • Mass casualty

  •  and more...

We focus on providing actual field treatment stress in a controlled environment, offering training solutions that are effective both in cost and in educational value:

  • We build the environment; you train in it

  • Your training, your methods, our scenario support

  • We provide our service at your training location

  • We arrive before your training starts, create your training environment, providing a wide range of tactical scenarios with use of advance simulation systems

Main features

  • Industry leading TOMManikin

  • Simulated ballistics

  • Simulated improvised explosive devices

  • Environmental factors, such as light, noise, wind (fans), water, smoke (foggers)

  • Blood & moulage

and more...​

From a basic medical scenario to an extensive multi day full mission profile

Outsource your training
scenario support:

Active shooter, tc3 trauma lanes,
mass casualty, and more...

Explore more features

Simulation Packed

Introducing a dynamic, expandable, full-mission profile simulation training equipment, taking force-on-force and scenario-based training to new levels of realism

Save training time

Where to today?

Don't look far, interactive VR and 360° immersive media at your location, select your scenario setting and start training 

Make the most out of your training time and cut logistic operation expenses. 




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Realistic Training Environments

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