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We enable organizations across the world to create and maintain medical life saving teams

Welcome To TREETAC

TREETAC is a global network of field medicine experts, we transform groups into high performing medical life saving teams. More than just a training academy, we create a medical environment: Facilities, equipment, qualifications, training and logistics from basic to life saving levels


Innovative simulation training equipment

Introducing a dynamic, expandable, full-mission profile training equipment. With Industry leading TOMManikin, patient monitoring system, ballistics and blast simulation, environmental control simulation and more, taking force-on-force and scenario-based training to new levels of realism

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You’ve got a training mission;
let us help provide the vision

TreeTac specializes in creating realistic medical training environments including simulation manikins, threat and environment condition simulation, casualty monitoring and feedback system. For your training at your training location!


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Building your medical simulation training facility

We offer configurable, dynamic facilities with an Environmental Control structure fully integrated with multiple simulation products and devices. From point of injury care, to mass-casualty triage, and complex medical/surgical case management, the facilities provide the capability to train appropriate personnel in a safe environment.

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Personal & Team Equipment

Tactical Equipment

Bags & Pouches

Under fire rescue essentials

Training  supplies


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Medical Kits

Medical Supplies & Modules

Medical devices


Medical Perception

Implement our know-how and experience to build your team to last

Field Deployment

Medical clinics

Field clinics - fast deployment of containers / tents

Mobile Decontamination

Meet The Team

Meet TREETAC’s SOF medical & rescue team. We have become experts in understanding your needs so you are prepared for the next challenge. Focusing on essential decisions, we will take care of your end to end operation


TREETAC mission

Courses and training

We will build your team to master field medicine and first response skills through classes, simulation and training

Courses List

Special Medical Programs

Counter trrorism

Natural disasters 

Conflict preparedness


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Maintenance & Logistics

We offer support services that enable you to operate successfully during your mission


We Keep your supply chain working even after we have left



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Realistic Training Environments

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